Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time, money, love, marriage

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  All work and no play... I'm just kidding, I'm not going crazy so don't worry, but I'll be damned if working every single day at 7 AM doesn't suck big time.  Because of the constant state of  going to and coming from work I haven't really got to do much exciting over the past couple weeks, but now that my audience has tripled (hey Mom and Aunt Heather) I feel that I owe it to the reader to produce a blog entry every few weeks.

So I guess I was kind of lying when I said "nothing" exciting has happened over the past few weeks. I did go to Oregon for the weekend to attend a friends wedding. I also scoped out a few locations for Melissa and I's wedding as well. We came up with a place, the Grand Lodge out in Forest Grove.  We wanted some place that had a hotel for the out of town people as well as an outdoor area for the wedding.  I also like the idea of a venue that produces its own beer and wine.

I was thinking the other day that I should probably recount the proposal just to have it on record (Melissa and I have a weird tendency to remember the exact same event happening two different ways, but it has already been a month so we probably remember it differently right now anyway).  So it was a Friday night. I had driven back from Springfield, MA where I was doing my rotation to Worcester where I picked Melissa up from the train station (she had the day off and took the train out from Framingham).  I had suggested a date night that involved walking through the Worcester Art in the Park project and then having dinner at a tapas place that I was told was good (and it was).  I figured that a proposal could happen on the walk in the park but the art ended up being a little strange and the park was way smaller than I thought it would be so we ended up walking around to Newton hill on one of the trails there. The Newton hill park had been turned into a frisbee golf course and I figured that would not be a good place for a proposal either.  We walked around for about an hour and took some pictures of the art. There was one piece of art that was a tea cup that you could sit in, I had my camera and took a picture of Melissa in the tea cup and a little girl came up and said "hey, that's my house!" and Melissa asked her if she should get out. The girl said no and that she just wanted to be in the house too and to have her picture taken with Melissa, there were a few pictures taken. Here is one of them.

After that we went to the Tapas place, there was a sangria and some pretty random foods: shrimp burgers, lamb lolipops, maple goat cheese (or something like that).  We had a good time, which was great because we were in Worcester and I don't think that the two of us had ever had a good time in Worcester together (she always wants to go towards Boston, which is fair).  Even though the tapas place was great, a restaurant didn't seem like the right place either. We headed home in my 4runner.  On the way home we listened to a song she said that she and her friends liked from back in the day, it was about the Mass Pike and we were driving on the Mass Pike... so that made the song sound just a little better I think.  Once we got home I decided that I had prolonged the proposal process long enough, after all, it had been on my mind for a few months now.  I had thought of trying to do it in Iceland but it didn't work out, then I thought about doing it Oregon but I thought that might be to Portland centered and finally decided that I should probably do it around where we live. So asked her in the living room at the house with a family ring that my mom gave me to use.  It didn't fit her finger at all but at least I had something for the gesture.  She sounded surprised, so that was good.

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