Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So there has been a lot of flash flooding over the past few days.  I am not sure if this is something that has always happened or if it's a new piece in the New England crappy weather repertoire. Apparently cell phones make the same emergency broadcast sound that televisions used to make, and I guess that radios made even before televisions (We were walking around the house Sunday morning trying to figure out where the emergency sound was actually coming from because the TV was turned off). 

Someone told me that we are seeing flash floods more often because somehow* more moisture is being trapped in the warm air (making it even more disgustingly muggy, when I first moved to New England I thought that I had developed some kind of new problematic sweating disorder but as it turns out; everyone else lives their lives as if they have been wrapped in several wet towels between the months of April and September).  Just like before, when the air finally cools off, the capacity of the atmosphere to hold water is lost and we get rain... but because of the super mugginess, we are left with a downpour of rain of biblical proportions.  I can't remember where I heard this, so maybe it's not true (I feel like I have to use that disclaimer a lot these days, I blame google.)

Regardless of how it happened, the rain left us with a couple feet of standing water in some locations and as I drove into work on Sunday morning from Framingham through Wellesley to Needham (In reagards to Springfield and last weeks mention of richest to poorest cities in MA, Wellesley=6 and Needham=16, Framingham only 175 (but we have better water in Framingham than they do, don't tell Needham)).  Anyway, the point is, between Wellesley and Needham I saw a couple Mercedes try to drive through a puddle so deep that I had turned the 4Runner around (there was also an old Corolla sitting precariously in the deepest part of the puddle, I was left to wonder if it was abandoned once the battery/alternator/etc. got its first contact with the water).  I couldn't help but wonder how two people driving such nice cars that have an ungodly amount of electronic equipment, could rationalize attempting to push through 2 feet of water... unless of course they rationalized it by thinking "well, the guy on the other side of the puddle is doing it in his Mercedes, why can't I?" 

So once I got to work in the 16th richest town in MA, I started thinking about the dynamic and general stress level I see with the staff. The ones that worked in Springfield (347/350) and Needham (16/350). It seems like in Needham things are a little more stressful, as if there is constantly a fire that needs to be put out. In Springfield, it seems more relaxed some how, as if the fire has already been burning for a few years and it is probably not going to be put out at this moment either.  Springfield is also a tertiary/teaching (highest level) hospital that has specialists in everything versus Needham which is a tiny hospital that ships most of its serious patients off to a bigger hospital when things get really bad.

But yeah, I am finding that the weekends are actually leaving me more tired than the week because the weekend is when everyone wants to hang out and also when my work wants me to hang out as well. This is fine with me but because of my work schedule I am getting stuck wearing Khakis in social circumstances such as bars/restaurants and end up being "that guy."  I have started taking new measures to bring down my khaki to jean ratio, such as bringing a change of social clothing along with me to work so that I can change from the work clothes.  There is a sad irony in putting so much effort into looking casual but I feel that it must be done.

*I think it's climate change related 

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