Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Six months in two paragraphs

Between the months of July and December I was living in Portland at the Dunford house, working back at the ink company and taking two classes at Portland Community College. The classes were Statistics and Micro-biology, I earned an A in both classes. Technically, it was the first time I earned straight A's since the fifth grade, which was when they started giving out letter grades. Actually, now that I think about it, I got a B in something that time too. I only remember because my mom and grandparents told me I could have a rabbit as a pet if I got straight A's and because I earned one B my grandfather told me we were going to chop off 1 ear to make it fair. Don't worry, he didn't really chop off the rabbit's ear. Anyway, I have all the pre-reqs clear for Pharmacy School. Now I just need to get accepted and find 120,000 dollars for 3 more years of college.

While my job, classes and living situation all had interesting moments I don't think there was really anything blog worthy. I was working or in class seven days a week from September 25th to December 12th, there was a day off on the Saturday after thanksgiving. I spent the free day staring at the wall.

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thompcha said...

Hey, I'm an invitee in Portland about to depart for the DR. Hit me up! charliet@gmail.com