Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yoga, Finishing the 3 in a 3+1 Course, the Chattooga

Alright, this last week actually had some interesting things. I will attempt to put them in chronological order.

First, we did some pretty serious bonding last week when a guy in our class informed us that a local hippy inn keeper offered to lower his price for Yoga/Thai Chi lessons from 15$ to 3$ for us and give a special class to the EMT students. Six of us went and we did some "hot yoga", it was a good work out and probably the most I have enjoyed myself with a bunch of half naked and sweaty dudes. Actually, maybe it is the only time. Anyway, we did some bonding and we felt so healthy after 2 hours of yoga that we went to the closest bar, ordered a table full of Buffalo wings and pitchers of beer and watched basketball for the next 3 hours. It was a good 5 hours.

Second, we had our Practical exam on saturday, which involved putting to use all of our recent learning. We had to resuscitate a dummy that had a pulse and was breathing like darth vader, we had to interview a pediatric mannequin that was stung by a bee and going into anaphylactic shock (and give it a stab in the leg with an epi pen) as well as put a tension splint on a dummy with a broken femur (we also had to stabilize its spine, treat its major wounds and transport it too a pretend ambulance). For the 18 of us in the class it took about 7 hours, 16 of us passed on the first time and I assume the other kids got a second chance after we all left. We spent so much time waiting around in the halls of the local community college that we learned a new game called the Ninja game. It's the most fun game I have played since elbow tag and it would have been very handy in the DR for the past two years when I had to sit around entertaining a bunch of teenagers/children.

Third, two of the students in the class were getting EMT certified because they are river guides and interested in ski patrol during the winter. They invited all of us to go down to the South Carolina/Georgia border to do some whitewater rafting. Most of the class was going back to their respective states and cities but my friend from Hawaii/Colorado and I were stuck in Asheville for the rest of the weekend (so we took up the offer). The trip, that would have been 150 bucks only cost us 10 bucks because we got the walk on price. The river had some class fives, which is bigger than the Deschutes if I remember correctly. The place where we stayed on saturday night was in the middle of nowhere at some Academy from the 1800's that they turned into a guide outpost. We hung out with the guides at the river, removed a tire from the bank (it was our good deed for the month) and were able to witness the smokiness of the Smoky National forest (a think fog rolled in around 7 or so). The river was actually the river from Deliverance, we tried to keep our banjo jokes to a minimum.

That is the majority of my happenings in the past few days, this is a rushed blog post so I get some leeway when it comes to spelling and grammatical errors. Most of our internet time down here happens in the library, which makes me twice as dorky for blogging.

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