Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 1 of EMT training

I finished my first week without any major disasters, or at least any personal disasters. We had our first midterm and I rocked it, which was good because the last midterm I ever took kicked my ass pretty bad (Organometallic synthesis at U of O in 2006). We finished up most of the basic stuff in time to get into the "clinical" part of the program, this is the part where we get to spend a couple shifts in the Emergency rooms and ambulances for the county. The ERs where pretty uneventful, I got to watch some stitches get put in and interview people who had random accidents (one 10 year old rolled his parents golf cart). The nurses don't really like the EMT students that much because they are a bit of a nuisance and always getting in the way (at least that's what a nurse told me) but the Paramedics that took me out on a shift yesterday where all about showing me the ropes. We got to see a bunch of different calls ranging in urgency and quantities of blood. I was glad to discover that I can handle being around needles and blood as long as they are not going into my body and as long as it's not my blood. We even went to get dinner during the shift and they gave us a discount, which was awesome, and to make it even better we got a call in the restaurant and had to leave like we were really important (they boxed up our food to go like it was an emergency, I guess because it was). The whole thing was a lot of fun and this next weekend I get to do my last shift at the facility that works on the Cherokee reservation. Because the facility is federally funded they get all kinds of fancy accommodations like big screen televisions and video games.

Also, having a weekend to hang out, the class has begun to loosen up a bit more and we can joke around instead of acting overly serious (which was getting old). Everyone in the group is from a pretty different background, at least from me. It seems that all of the states that don't send people to the Peace Corps very often somehow sent someone to this course (most of these states border Western North Carolina).

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