Monday, May 24, 2010

Back in the US

Hey, you probably aren't reading my blog anymore and that's ok. Why should you? I am back in the states and so a blog about the Dominican Republic and the Peace Corps doesn't really have much in common with me at this point. I got back May 7th and spent four days in Portland, 5 days in New York City, 5 days in Boston and 4 days in Buffalo. I saw friends and had quite a few adventures. Each location deserves its own entry but I don't really have the time or an appropriately named blog for my American adventures yet.

I am now in North Carolina in a town so small that the only thing missing is a creepy kid playing the banjo (he is probably around here somewhere). The intensive course I am taking to become an EMT basic and a wilderness EMT is pretty intense, I now understand why they put "intensive" in the name. I should be done in four weeks if everything goes right. There are a couple challenges, it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and there is barely cell service and no internet (I had to come to the library), I don't have a car and that is a pain (luckily everyone else does), and the living situation would be considered pretty humble by American standards (luckily I was living in a slum for the past couple years and the fact that there is hot water, 24 hour electricity and I don't have to flush the toilet with a bucket means that I think I will be pretty comfortable. Actually, this might be a good intermediate between being back in the comforts of an American home.)


Heather W. said...

Hey Chris - It does sound like a good transitional place to be between the DR and the US. :)

I vote for keeping your blog and just renaming it because I know whatever you do next is going to be interesting, too!

Good luck!

WhoWouldHaveThought said...

You're posting again. That's good to see--keep it up.