Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A couple weeks have gone by

Alright, life has slowed down a lot since my dog bit the old lady and the neighbor's gas tank caught fire. I have been doing a lot of manual labor with helping some missionaries build a house for a week and then helping to get the 18 latrines built with the Small Project Assistant Grant that finally came in from USAID. I am wish I could say that I am the guy doing the skilled labor for any of these things but in reality I am just the guy who moves a lot of cinder blocks and concrete, I also get to be the stickler American who is fussy about budgeting the money and getting work done on time... which is awesome. Luckily, there is an NGO down here who knows the latrine building game in and out. Moving all the cinder blocks and concrete fooled the doctor into thinking that I was a runner yesterday when I had my physical, however, the weight loss and diarrhea also fooled the doctor into thinking that I have some kind of intestinal infection (which I don't, but am still being over tested for).

I have also started ending sentences with prepositions because I recently learned that because spoken English was developed as a Germanic language while written English was also influenced by Latin, we have all sorts of crazy rules when we write that we never use when we speak. Also, I can't figure out why so many people are speaking German in the Caribbean.


Heather W. said...

Have you talked to your Grandpa Bill about being the American stickler on an overseas construction project? It would be an interesting conversation. :)

Great opening sentence by the way!

Hope to see you soon! Good luck on wrapping everything up and not having any intestinal "guests".

Katie Reed said...

How are those latrines coming? We need pictures!!