Saturday, March 6, 2010

A bad 24 hours

It started in the afternoon, when I was labeling the countries on the map mural. I discovered that I had left out Denmark and made both Myanmar and Thailand part of China. I also painted a couple countries like they were lakes and a couple lakes like countries in Africa. Indonesia and Malaysia were a disaster. I was handling the stress of map-making when a few of the students came up to me. One of them shoved a newspaper in my face and said to have a look. I was happy to see that a 5th grader was reading the newspaper but the news was far from good. They had found the bodies of a man and a prostitute up on the hill outside the barrio. I felt bad for the families and the people who died but that hill was not just any hill either, it was the best hill to take Lobo for walks. Being a fairly rural walk, it cuts down on the number of people telling me that “you’re dog only has three legs” from 25 to about 3 or 4 (which is a big deal on a daily walk). I figured I would be walking Lobo through the barrio from now on but until phase 2 of the bad 24 hours happened.

The next morning I was hanging out in my house with the door open. Lobo wandered over to the neighbors and I followed him to bring him back. He was sitting watching the neighbor cut apart a cow’s head, I stuck around for a little while to touch the brain and tongue and other strange parts but soon lost interest. I would have brought Lobo back but we all decided he was being so good that he could just sit around and eat the scraps that the neighbor didn’t want (parts like the gums and cartilage). I went back to my house to read some book called Life With Jeeves, which is all about some rich English guy without any responsibilities and his genius butler, Jeeves. They are constantly dealing with the stress and delightful problems of being a rich English guy and his butler in the 1920’s. I was halfway through some chapter about the man being reluctantly engaged to some woman who made him learn too much when a neighbor ran over and told me that Lobo had bit someone. I put the book down, despite wanting to know how Jeeves was going to solve the engagement problem, to find that Lobo had bit a relatively sweet old lady (she became much less sweet after he bit her). I was pissed, and not pissed like how a rich English guy means pissed. Lobo had actually broken the skin and the woman was insisting on going to the hospital. I wasn’t going to argue, even though the cut could have been easily covered with a band-aid.

It turned out that Lobo had bit her because he thought she was trying to take the cow’s head meat when she was looking around the room for something, I went into the neighbors house (I don’t know where the neighbor went during all this) and grabbed Lobo and put him back in the house. I sat outside the hospital with her son-in-law until eventually I got impatient and went inside to the emergency room, they had finished putting on the band-aid and were giving her the prescription. I went to the pharmacy to buy the twelve dollars worth of anti-rabies pills (in case Lobo was rabid) and Neosporin, we then went home where the number of people saying “you’re dog only has three legs” went from 25 people to 50 people. The 50 people also pointed out that the three-legged dog bites old ladies.

The whole situation was rummy; and this time I mean rummy like how a rich English guy says rummy. I don’t have a butler to ask for advice so I called Joel. He reminded me that dogs like meat and sometimes get defensive. He also reminded me that sometimes community members get overly dramatic and do things like insist on being taken to the hospital. He pointed out that the whole thing would blow over quickly. I took his advice and hid in my house for a few hours. Sure enough, when I came back out, my neighbor told me that it wasn’t my fault, that dogs like meat and I just need to keep Lobo on a leash or in my house for the next 2 months.


Katie Reed said...

Poor Lobo's diet will change drastically when he comes home. No cow heads here!

Douglas said...

Maybe a little tortoise crap, but definitely no cow heads!