Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh, so that wasn't a joke then?

Yesterday I was sitting in front of my neighbor's house with a couple of the other neighbors and this old guy who lives a couple houses down sits across from me. We all talk for a while and I get distracted thinking about something else (in the English speaking world) and when I come back to the Spanish conversation the old man is telling some elaborate story that I can't seem to understand. All I could get out of the story were the sound effects. "Bwoop! Pang! Pow!" were a few of his fun sounds. As he finished the story (which I still didn't understand), he mimicked someone in a silly voice and went "Weep, thwap!" With all of his motions and sound effects I couldn't help but laugh for few seconds when he finished. I kept smiling as all my neighbors looked at me with disappointed faces. Apparently the story was about how he recently killed a dog... my friend broke the awkward silence by saying "you can't just kill animals. That's wrong to do." Immediately after he stated the obvious I realized what the old man was talking about and agreed with my friend (and stopped smiling). Next an older lady (who just fed Lobo some rice and beans as he sat next to me) says to the group "Dog's are like angels sent from heaven to be our friends."
"yeah, I get it." I thought to myself "Give me a break, I am sitting here petting my three legged dog. I love animals as much as the next guy, hell, I probably love animals more than the next guy. (Even when they shit* on my back, see the last blog entry)"
Anyway, I think they figured out that I just wasn't really aware of what was going on. The old man was telling a terrible story with fun and silly sound effects, of course the American is going to laugh. For the record, they all laugh at violent Quentin Terentino movies (and not just the funny parts either)

*I apologize that I used it again but don't worry I won't make a habit of using the word "shit" in my blog.

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Katie Reed said...

That’s exactly how I would be – listening but not hearing/understanding… and laughing at the funny sounds. It’s good your friend clarified and told him what for!! Dogs are angels – just stinkier!

Remember Milo, Masson, Tye and Newton!!