Sunday, September 13, 2009

New York City

Do I still write about things if I am not in the DR? The blog is called the DR and The Cuerpo de Paz and my trip to New York didn’t really have anything to do with either. I guess I can keep it short.
I got there on Tuesday and was a little worried because everyone tells me that people in New York are a bunch of assholes and that the city is huge and impossible to navigate, but really the subway isn’t that bad and the only assholes are the bus drivers (one left me behind on my way to the airport after I ran half a block with all my stuff. There were people at the bus stop yelling for him to stop and I even was able to knock on the front door to the bus as he pulled away, leaving me 15 blocks deep in this place called “Harlem.” As I stood there this half drunk lady told me “you gotta say F that [racial expletive] and get on the 15X bus uptown to catch a different bus. I’ll take good care of you baby, c’mon” Needless to say I waited the extra 15 minutes for the next bus and did not say F that [racial expletive] or get on any 15X bus, it was weird though because I am used to half drunk people at 10 AM talking to me in Spanish not English.) As for all the nice people, some lady gave me a three-day metro pass so I didn’t have to pay for any public transportation until the last day. People kept giving me directions and showing an interest in what I had to say, it was like the opposite of Los Angeles, California.

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master d said...

New York is a wonderful place C Dub...and I plan on moving there soon...I suggest you join me when this Peace Corps stint is over. Remy is a stooooopid puppy but she thinks you should come too! lol

- T-o-to the double D