Thursday, August 27, 2009

White people do the darndest things

My friend Joel has begun pointing out how ridiculous we always end up looking in front of Dominicans. He referenced the fact that we are always reading at the beach, which to an average Dominican is completely ridiculous. When we are hanging out there is usually some kind of strange activity that takes place that leaves many Dominicans asking what the hell is wrong with white people?

Recently, at the annual diversity camp in Jarabacoa the volunteers ended up dancing because none of the youth would. The second night, after the talent show, during a Reggaeton song (Reggaeton is Caribbean Rap music) I was drawn to the dance floor by some unidentifiable force. I began dancing the steps to some dance that I thought was a new Caribbean phenomena, it took me a couple tries to learn but after a couple repetitions I had it down. I thought to myself, a dance so easy that a white person can learn it in 30 seconds? Wait a minute, then I had a flash back to Church Camp in 5th grade when the made us learn the electric slide. I realized that a Dominican was not leading the dancing but instead a volunteer. So there I was, dancing the electric slide with 15 other white people and a few Dominicans to a rap song in Spanish, in front of the rest of the camp. I shook my head as I danced and looked up to see Joel who asked me: why are white people always dancing in a line? Good question. I blame genetics.

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Katie Reed said...

That is so funny! Karla, Debbie, Monica, Sarah, Grace,Faith and I were just talking last night about MAD camp!!!