Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rain and Unwanted House Parties

As I said in the other blog entry, it had been a while since we got some rain. I was getting a little tired of the awful smell and the other problems that a lack of water falling from the sky can cause for Constanza. Luckily, last Thursday we got some rain. It started pouring down when we were having a “field day” as part of an intercambio with another Escojo group that was visiting from somewhere 6 hours away that I can’t remember the name of. I brought Lobo up the hill to play with us and the other dog that the volunteer before me had. We were up on the hill outside of town for about an hour and then the rain started, we decided to take off and head back to our houses but on the walk back we ended up getting soaked and the rills where the water normally runs off was turned into creeks and of course that spawned a mud and dirty water fight. I tried my best not to be involved but Lobo seemed to be enjoying himself. We started heading back to the house but in all the excitement Lobo had tired himself out and couldn’t really walk much farther, I kept pulling him with the leash but he wouldn’t budge. I ended up having to pick him up (he was soaked and muddy) and carrying him back through the barrio to get out of the rain in a timely manner. I got a few looks from people but I think they understood.

Also, during the intercambio I went to the capital for a night because I had a meeting in the afternoon at the office. When I was gone the kids had a party in my house, without asking me, or telling me afterwards. I talked to the neighbors when I saw pieces of spaghetti on my table and an extra pot on my stove. They told me that yes, in fact, there was a party at my house and that the kids started it at about 11 o’clock last night and were loud and obnoxious. They told me that they had been playing the guitar and singing loudly and running around outside. The next day when I went to the charlas that they were presenting to each other a girl showed up in a University of Oregon sweatshirt. Hmm, I thought to myself, that looks exactly like the sweatshirt that my aunt Sherry gave me for Christmas in 2004. I was very reserved when I approached her and said “That’s my sweatshirt, did you take that from my house?” The girl gave a little laugh and pretended not to understand me. God damn it… I am so happy to be working with these youth again.

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Katie Reed said...

Hey no worries! Costco is having a pre game event and they have sweatshirt, polos, and tees for $24! both UofO and OSU!!

Love Mom.