Thursday, August 13, 2009

I wish it would rain

Rain is kind of like nature’s shower and Constanza is getting a bit ripe, especially when you consider the fact that I live in its ass crack. The cañada behind my house is now filled with garbage and excrement; usually it rains at least a couple times a week to wash the waste to some other poor town a couple miles down the river but as it has not rained in a few weeks the piles are getting high. I suppose in some perverse way I should be happy that we are all suffering in the barrio from the stink and increase rat and roach problem (I got my first mice a week ago) because it shows the people of the barrio how problematic it can be to toss trash in the river. The reality however, is that I too am praying for some rain to get the trash and smell out of here just like everyone else.
I can no longer open my bedroom window to sleep at night because the smell wafts in with the breeze. This means I have to keep the window closed and deal with the smell of my feet, which may be worse. I am no longer angry at Lobo when he pees in the house because I know that all of the walls outside have been marked by other dogs and there has been no rain to wash it off, now he is merely making the inside of the house more like the outside. I can no longer eat food after it has been left out for a few hours because I have mice and the nurse during training said that mouse pee on food can make you die. I have begun looking for excuses to walk across town to the well-to-do neighborhoods where they have proper garbage disposal to catch my breath.

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