Tuesday, August 18, 2009

F words and Haircuts

Have I already complained about getting your hair here? I probably have, and if I haven't I should have. They just don't know how to cut pelo rubio and always end up giving me a fade. I look like an elderly member of new kids on the block. He tried to leave my bangs super long at first so I looked like a huge tool, luckily I took care of the haircut issue three weeks before heading to the states so I have time to let it grow back in place.
The guy cutting my hair used the Dominican version of the "F" word (Joder - To "F") a lot as he cut my hair. He said "you are the guy who lives in barrio Las Flores right?" I told him I was and that I wasn't that worried about the delinquency that exists there. He said "yeah, of course you don't. People know who to F with and no one is going to F with you because if they F with an American there will be a problem. The American has an army that will F you up." Yeah, I guess. Really I wasn't worried about people F-ing me up in the barrio as much as I was worried about him F-ing up my hair and looking like an F-ing idiot for the next two weeks.

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