Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My mom sent me some stuff in the mail. One of my favorite things was the rich chocolate'y ovaltine. It is good in the states with 2 percent milk but here when you have it mixed in milk that is practically half and half it is delicious. I by milk by the box (at 50 pesos a box) and make about a liter of it at a time. Usually when I make it there is residual ovaltine pockets of dry powder, which are usually deliciosos. Yesterday, I thought I drank an ovaltine pocket of dry powder but it was moving around a little. It didn´t break down so I decided to spit it out. It was a fly. I was pretty grossed out, but the fly was probably having a worse day than I was.

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Tim said...

Christopher Ward. I miss you. It could be that the Republica misses me. I eagerly anticipate July 4. Anything you need here in America?