Monday, May 18, 2009

Flat on my face

I was walking home yesterday and I tripped and fell down in front of a bunch of people in my neighborhood. I was walking with my laptop in its bag and I had my sunglasses on so when I fell and my hands hit the ground my glasses were thrown from my face and my laptop bag was thrown over my head and onto the ground in front of me, smashing together my two most expensive pieces of property in the country.

I got up and only had some cuts and a little gravel in my hands. I got up and the people in the colmodos nearby came out to help. One lady went and got some water and alcohol to wash of the cuts. It was very nice of them and I felt loved my community, I also felt like an idiot for tripping over nothing and falling flat on my face.

Coincidentally, tonto, the word for silly or stupid, and how I described myself to the people helping me also means to feel dizzy. So the people helping me got worried that I had passed out from low blood sugar (many of the people in this country suffer from Diabetese, they call it sugar sickness). Today people kept asking me how my dizziness/stupidity was going, I told them I was doing much better.


Katy said...

Good thing some nice medical mission people gave you bandaids and supplies huh? ;) It makes me feel better about my fall in the DR! How's your computer?

Christopher Ward said...

The Computers ok! I am using it right now.