Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes ladies, my block is quite gangster

About two weeks ago when I had some guests come up to my site and visit I was told that my site was probably the most ´gangsta´ of the Peace Corps sites. What makes a site gangter? I was told that it was a combination of things. First, because we have all the pretty mountains and the cold weather. Second, because it´s scary to leave your house at night. We got a good laugh because when people ask me where I am going and I tell them, they warn me that Americans shouldn´t go there. I tell them I have to go there because I live there, then they look at me like I´m crazy. The barrio las Flores is called a barrio caliente because there is a little bit of diliquency during the evenings.

Luckily, I upped my ´street cred´ when my mom made some dinner for the neighbors last night. The neighbors where definately feeling the chicken marsala, and my thug appeal.

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