Monday, April 20, 2009

We're both dudes. Yeah. That's why it is awkward.

I was on my way to Santiago on friday. The guagua that I was in stopped and got gas. I took advantage of the stop by going to the bathroom. I went in to the Gas Station's bathroom and left the door open because there was no electricity for light. That was a mistake because the driver of the guagua walked up next to me and without hesitation whipped out his equipment and started peeing... in the same toilet as me. "So we are going to share this toilet then?" I ask him. I was hoping that he would get the idea that it wasn't really culturally accepted in my country to stroll up to a guy peeing in a toilet and start peeing in the toilet with him. "Yeah, it is not a problem because we are both dudes" He tells me. Hmm, I thought about what he said for a second and decided that it wasn't really a good enough reason.

Response to Brian's comment: I guess it would have been equally awkward, or possibly more so, if he was not a dude.


Sarah J said...

Haha, what an interesting cultural experience. At least you'll have a good story!

Brian said...

So it would have been less awkward if it had been a woman?