Monday, April 6, 2009

Really? An accident?

Before I left last year I received some advice from a co-worker at the Ink Factory who was from Mexico. He said that in Latin America you shouldn't even trust your own shadow. I thought that his statement was pretty intense and I have done almost the opposite. As a young idealistic American I figured I should probably trust everyone because we are all good people underneath it all.
Now, it's not that I don't still think that but I have to say that my trust has been violated just a little tiny bit over the past weekend. You see, when I leave town I have to have someone guard my house so that no one breaks in, they also have to watch Lobo. I told this kid who is friends with my project partner I would give him 200 pesos (6 bucks) if he would watch my house and if he made it the weekend without Lobo peeing in my house. When I got back I saw where Lobo had peed and where he ran the dry mop over the puddles. I figured he tried so I would give the kid the money, after I give it too him he says "oh yeah, and the other day when I was trying to move your guitar I accidently bumped your luggage and broke the zipper." Ok, no big deal. The zipper got busted on my luggage. The kid leaves and I take a look at the luggage and it was pretty clear that he tried to bust the lock open and ended up ripping the luggage open, i.e. there is no way in hell that he "accidently" broke open my locked luggage with my guitar. I open up my computer, which was inside, and check the recent documents. Sure enough he had opened up my computer around midnight the night before. His intentions were clear, he opened it up looking for video games and porn. He opened a bunch of pictures of pretty silly things which he must have figured would have been dirty pictures; in spanish maybe CFCs stands for something dirty instead of Chloro Fluoro Carbons and Atmospheric Conditions sounds more sensual when pronounced with an accent. The picture he opened called "sexy preppy" was really a picture of Bryant in college dressed as a nerd before some party (I didn't name the photo for the record). He looked at a couple other pics and the video of the Trojan nuclear plant imploding and then moved on to video games. He was right to guess that Halo is one of my most favorite video games ever, but the guy barely knows how to cut and paste yet alone mount a disc image to the desktop as a CD. So he tried to open up Halo but it was of no luck. After that he messed around with Adobe Creative Suite but didn't really do anything interesting. I figure he got bored of that and started to play with the old gameboy that Eric gave me before I left.
In the guy's defence, he didn't take anything. He just wanted to play with my computer and gameboy in the middle of the night, we all have those urges sometimes. Since all of my stuff was still in the luggage I think that the only thing I have acquired from this incident is damaged trust and a broken suitcase (which is really Doug's old suitcase from the 80's, so not a big deal. Sorry Doug).

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