Monday, March 23, 2009

Ya Scott Viene

Over the weekend the volunteer who was in my site before me came back and I was expecting to see him turn water into wine just like the people in my community tell me he does. It turns out he is a normal guy, except for the graduate school at Harvard and Columbia (the guy has more Ivy in his education than I have in my back yard). Scott, the returning volunteer, explained that a lot of his miracles were actually exagerations and that someday I would be talked about as if I had risen on the third day as well. They told me that he learned spanish in two weeks, but his spanish was like mine (kind of Gringo sounding). They told me he never got diarea from their cooking, but it turned out that he had a malaria pill explode in his esophogus and was suffering from stomach problems for the next two years (ok maybe not their cooking´s fault but it still meant he got sick a time or two). They told me that he was the best domino player to ever set foot in the barrio and Bryant beat him and a Dominican, and Bryant seriously sucks at Dominos (In Scott´s defense, Bryant´s was on some sort of freakish hot streak where we were beating Dominican Domino masters as well). It was great to talk to the guy and it made me feel a lot better when he told me that he had struggles and challenges here too. I will admit that he did tell way better jokes than they said he would.

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Leslie said...

As someone whose counterpart told her she wasn't 1/2 the volunteer her predecessor was and whose sitemate came and in 2 weeks had way more friends and work than she ever did, I feel reassured by this post.

RPCV Honduras 00-02

Hilarious blog, by the way.