Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Or whatever year it is for the superbowl. How fun was that? This was pretty much the second most fun night in the country (next to Election night, because this time my team didn´t win). My best pal Joel is from Pennsylvania so it was good to have him there getting into it. He is good and being an American and explaining to us that Pennsylvania pretty much invented football, needless to say he was very adimant about Pittsburg winning. I had sort of a loyalty towards Arizona because of my six months living in Northern Arizona a couple years back, I couldn´t believe that they actually made it... especially with fumbles mgee as their querter back. Most people where cheering for Arizona because a lot of us are from the west coast, and for some reason everyone always wants to cheer for the underdogs. Then there was my friend from boston, she was cheering for the Cardinals because she thought they were from St. Louis. Once she figured it out I think she changed her stance on the teams and started rooting for Pittsburg, but it was too late to change her red shirt. It was also very exciting to see that the Boss did the half time show, I thought I was the only person under age 35 to think that Bruce Springsteen is completely awesome but apparently a majority of the Peace Corps population likes him too. Or maybe they just like to dance around to rock and roll every sixs months and this gave them an opportunity, needless to say the half time show was a good time for all. First the stones, last year was Prince, this year was the boss, who knows, maybe next year they will bring Neil Young out for halftime... something makes me doubt it.

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