Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pictures of Lobo

Ok, here are some pictures of my new roommate. This is also my soon to be old apartment where I was drying my boxers that I hand washed myself a few days ago. Sitting in the bathroom scrubbing my socks, t-shirts and underwear next to my three legged dog made me feel like I could have been a cowboy. Or at least in some kind of country song, I decided to settle for the Allman brothers and I put that on while I did the first handwashing laundry of my life. The problem is that where I am living right now it wasn't warm enough for the clothes to dry and they hung up there for a few days.
Also, like I said before, I am moving to a new apartment that is between a few of my friends houses and it is a lot cheaper to rent each month. I won't have running water, and will have to use a latrine, and a bucket to bathe, but my rent will have gone from 115 dollars a month to 24 dollars a month. Oh yeah.

Also, if you look at the picture of Lobo in the car you will notice he used to have long blond hair behind the ears. I thought that made him look kind of like a hippy and not very professional, so I cut it. He was definately less offended by the hair cut than by the peg leg.

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Katie Reed said...

those are great pictures and I am very proud of your laundry job!!! You both look quite striking!