Thursday, January 22, 2009

New dog

I left my friends dog in a vet/Kennel over new years and when I went there I was offered a different dog that had been living in the kennel for the past two years. His name is Lobo and it turned out people wouldn't take him cause he only has three legs, when really he has 3.5 legs and is just missing a back paw. He is two and a half and is pretty mellow so things have been working out pretty well. I even let him hang out off his leash sometimes, which is fine because he never makes it very far. I took him out walking about a week ago and decided I would try to make him a peg leg, it consisted of duct tape and an old broom stick. He was not having it at all. I figured if I had only one leg I would be honored to have someone throw together a peg leg so I could walk around like a normal person, apparently dogs don't think the same. He had duct tape stuck on his leg for the following week and last saturday I pinned him down with my buddy Dave and we tried got most of the duct tape off. Lobo was being a big baby about it, he hated to have the tape on him but he got all fidgety when we tried to take it off. Luckily the next morning I was able to get the rest of it off and now he is good as new. I learned a couple valuable lessons from the whole thing. First, I will never be a pet psychic or veteranarian. Second, sometimes you have to let sleeping dogs lie, even when they only have three legs.

I'll put up a picture of him sometime soon.

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