Monday, December 8, 2008

Throwing up on Guaguas

We did world AIDS day and it was a major success. Other than a few inappropriate comments from a couple jovenes during dramas and me not understanding the Escojo rap groups message, I would say the whole thing was a success.
Like I said before, Kathy rounded up a guagua and that was huge. We ended up bringing about 30 kids down to Salcedo in the Tireo guagua (or School Bus). There were plenty of fun moments when the kids were on the bus. There were a few moments when we had to break up some "bumping and grinding" in the back of the bus. And there was one moment when a kid threw up on the guagua and was dangerously close to soiling my bag of things that I was bringing to the capital for the week. I had never really cleaned up vomit from a bus before and neither had Kathy, but we handled it like professionals. At one of the truck stops we grabbed some rubber gloves, a mop and a lot of toilet paper and got it all cleaned up in a matter of minutes. The kid had Salami and eggs for breakfast... and I don't think he likes to chew his food. Other than that it was great.

On my way back from the capital yesterday there was this old lady that kept whinning about how she was so uncomfortable, I may have gone the "asshole" route because I responded by telling her that we were all uncomfortable and that is how it always is when four people are crammed in the back of a late eighties toyota pick up's king cab bench seat. She started crying and I thought she was just being crazy (I swear I am not a bad person, old ladies are always sitting next to me complaining about how much space I am taking up, I figured this one was no different. And for the record neither did the guy next to me.) I had to adjust my position several times because I was losing feeling in my right leg (which was wedged up against the old lady), she kept making a big huff about it and I kept telling her that we are all uncomfortable, so lay off. Then we pull over to let a hatian out and she jumps out and throws up for a couple minutes... I guess when she said she was "uncomfortable" she meant she was about to puke. I like to think it was one of those lost in translation type of events but everyone else thought I was just a huge ass hole. In the meantime the guy who had my back earlier (about her being crazy) got into the front seat and left me to take the brunt of feeling like crap.

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