Friday, November 14, 2008

Pegaonce, or Egyptian Rat Screw

I think I started a new craze amongst the Dominican youth, I introduced them to a game that we used to play at scout camp called Egyptian Rat Screw (or egyptian rat bolt if there was an adult around). The game is really simple but it involves slapping the pile when you see a pair or a sandwich (which is a pair with a card in between). The guys always want to play it when the cards come out and so we have been playing it a lot, and by a lot I mean every other time we sit down.
The playing of card games is a good way to learn about the people around you, it is easier in this country for me to learn by card playing than by having a conversation (sadly). I can pick out who is cheating... which really I everyone at this point, but I can pick out who is cheating more (those are the tigures). I can pick out who gets fussy when they start losing (the poor sports) and the watch dog kids who are always pointing out who is making a goat (In spanish you hace chevo, which is cheating, but it translates directly to making a goat. Not to be confused with Haciendo pollo, making chicken, in Dominoes that is when you cheat by shuffling the pieces in your favor.
Its great how involved in the game everyone gets, there is lots of yelling and accusations about haciendo chevo. The best part is that despite the competetive behavior, when someone loses (by running out of cards), the person with the most cards just ends up giving them some more cards to play with.
Its kind of like how the country works, everyone is willing to yell about the price of the soda they just bought or the price of the guagua, but then they end up splitting the food they bought with the money they saved.
Oh yeah, and we call the game Pega once which translates to ´´hit the 11´´ because we also called it slapjack back in the day. Cards are so confusing because a spade is a ´pi´ (whatever that means), a diamond is a ´dulce´ (because it looks like a sweet, or candy), and club is a flore because it looks like a flower (which kind of makes sense), and a heart is still a heart. As for the face cards, they all have numeric names instead of King, queen, jack and ace. They end up being 13,12,11 and A respectively. oh and every game EVER played is called casino, maybe that´s spanish for card game... nope, I just looked it up on babel fish and casino is spanish for Casino.

P.s. Lots of grammar and spelling issues because it was typed in a internet cafe again, no debe juzgar me.

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