Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dominoes Cheaters

Last night I kept losing and it turns out it was cause this one kid kept signaling to the other kid what pieces he had but I couldn´t tell, or at least couldn´t catch them doing it. What is the point of playing a game if you are just gonna cheat the whole time? I haven´t been this upset over a game since Halo 2. Ugh, cheaters... they say that they never prosper but last night they one 6 out of the 8 games. I had to have a Presidente afterwards, I went into the Colmodo and the owners wife asked me the time as if to suggest that maybe 10:30 at night was a little late to be getting a presidente. My neighbor saw that I had a beer when I walked up the stairs and tried to come over and hit me up for some of it. She tried offering me rice to get me to come over and share the beer. Do I want some cold rice or this cold beer? Hmmm... I told her that I was going to bed and I didn´t need any rice.
For the record, I am not a bad person for not sharing my beer with the neighbor. She is always trying to hit me up for stuff. The two women next door try to raid my kitchen every other day, but the joke is on them; I barely even know how to cook and have no food. Yesterday she hit me up for some food, all I had to share was bread and butter (ok so I hid the Peanut butter and marmalade).

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Katie Reed said...

I think the lesson must be patience and tolerance. Yours is to show that you have integrity and hopefully they will see that cheating is spoiling the fun of the game. As for the beer and the neighbor... She can get her own!!

Love Mom!