Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Brigada Verde Conference

I took some kids to the Brigada verde conference, we gave a charla about froming a strong brigada vedre group. It was really great. Except that I think I got some bad water and was having some problems with my gastro intestinal system, things are less fun when you have to go to the bathroom all the time. Things like 5 hour guagua rides are especially less fun, or more appropriately, more painful. I sat next to a guy on the way to Bonao, I told him I was from Constanza. He told me a long drawn out story about his lost love who used to live up there, and how she moved to Japan because she was the daughter of one of the Japanese farmers that was brought in during the fifties. He said he hadn´t been back for years, but he still remembers that there was the best Baruga in the country... you could buy it next to the Banco Reservas on Abreau st. I thought about it for a second, that was the same place I went to the other day, I told him. Then I asked him if we could stop talking about jugo de vomit because my stomach was not in the right place for it.

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