Monday, November 17, 2008

The bigger they are the fatter they fall on me

I learned in spanish class that when you like someone you say that they fall well with you. If you dont really like someone then they fall bad on you and if you really really dont like someone then they fall fat on you. This weekend we hosted 60 something DOminican youth and I figured out that the older the youth get the more of a pain in the ass they are. We were cleaning up the foundation where we had the ´taller´(which I think translates to Training), and I had a brief moment to compare the responses as I asked two young women to help me clean up. The first one was 10 years old and when I asked her if she could help me wash the dishes she said ´You don´t have to wash any dishes, I will wash them all by myself. I love to wash dishes´ (and I am not exagerating here at all, she said that exactly). A minute or so later I asked a seventeen year old girl(who was getting a little to affectionate with one of my boys I might add) to help out with cleaning. Her response was ´I am going to mop in here but there is no mop so I can´t.´ I went and grabbed her a mop and a bucket, the she said ´there aren´t enough mops and enough buckets to clean up this room´ At that point I thought to myself, God damn it, how many mops do you need... and then I said to her ´God damn it, cuantos swapes necesitas?´ She then went off in a rant about how she can´t clean right now because they are cleaning the other room and she has to wait, and then she was sure to point out that I didn´t understand. I explained to her that it wasn´t that I didn´t UNDERSTAND her, it was that I didn´t BELIEVE her. She brushed me off and went back to Eduardo. Wow, I thought, I guess that´s why parents are always stressing out when they have teenagers... cause they are a huge pain in the ass. At any rate, all the 15 to 20 something boys in my group seem to have fallen in love with all the 13 to 19 year old girls in Kathy´s group (which is in the next town over). So now we get to play chaperone for a bunch of ridiculously melodramatic teenagers and all their raging horomones. This friday will be movie night in Tireo, everyone cross their fingers that ´Casa ladrones´ (House thieves, the movie we will be watching) is not a romantic comedy.

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