Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baruga and Chemistry

There is an analytical chemistry lab that I like to stop by in Constanza. I like to talk a little chemistry with Paul (Paw-ule) and Francisco every now and then. Today I stopped in and we talked a little bit about how much everybody hates stereo-chemistry (no matter what language it is in), and then Paul took me to get some ¨baruga¨.
I told him I would try it and so he took me to the place that was serving it, I guess it is a special occasion when they serve this stuff. When I told him I would try it, I had the impression I would be getting a dixie cup worth of it, instead I got a pint glass (actual glass too, which is a first) of a drink that looked like a mixture of milk and cottage cheese.
After I tasted it became clear why it looked like milk and cottage cheese. Apparently, if you put a little sugar and salt in milk and cottage cheese, Dominicans will drink it like water. I have never really had to chew a beverage before and so I was only a fifth finished with mine when he was done with his. I decided not to be rude and to finish the whole thing, that meant I had to pound it as quickly as possible. I got it down, I feel like I might vomitar and I remembered that I had tried Baruga a time before, only a sip. I gave it the name, jugo de vomit.

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