Monday, October 20, 2008

Part 2

I will sum this one up as quick as I can (I am in an internet cafe and I never seem to sound as clever or interesting when I write things on the fly). The second thing that happened to me in the 24 hour period, which actually happened that mourning, was when I ended up teaching an 8th grade class on accident. THe day before, one of the Phys Ed teachers from the summer camp-shit show- asked me if I could help him teach english and maybe some vollyball. I said sure, I mean it is clear that I speak english rather well, and I guess maybe I seem like the vollyball type to him. I showed up the next day at ten like I was supposed to and he wasn´t there. He tricked me! Or maybe the fact that I was his substitute teacher was lost in translation. There was another kid there who is eighteen or nineteen and is what the locals call a Tiguere (which translates to 1 part Jack-ass, 1 part sleez-bag and 3 parts bad ass). Apparently he was there for the vollyball portion of class time. I started teaching the kids the basics of english, the alphabet, numbers, colors and the conjugation of the verb ´to be´. I had a touch time though because the tiguere was flurting with the eigth grade girls and trying to ask me how to translate dirty phrases into english. I taught for as long as I could take the rediculous classroom behavior of Dominican children and then handed the show over to the Tiguere. We took them outside to the court and set up the vollyball net. I suggested we counted off for teams, but he told me that we were going to be captains of two competing girls teams. He said he would pick first, I said I didn´t want to pick teams (because I remember being picked last a time or two back in the day), but none the less we picked teams. I think I ended up with a better team than he did, because I picked my players based on hieght (and he picked the pretiest). We ended up playing for about 45 minutes of the 2 hour class period, at one point I made a comment to the kids that ´I think you guys are better at speaking english than volleyball.´ I made this remark because they were terrible. I thought that I had bad hand eye coordination, but appearantly they didnt play as much nintendo as I did as a young person. That´s the gist of part 2, there are probably a ton of spelling and grammar errors sorry!

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