Friday, October 31, 2008

How many Dominicans does it take to use an ATM?

I wish I had a clever punch line. The answer is 11, that is how many I counted when I went to the ATMs at the Banco Popular in my town. In their defense there were two ATMs, but there were two people standing at one and 4 at the other. The rest of the 11 were hanging out way closer than what we, as americans, consider ok ATM waiting line distance. I stood at the appropriate distance (which it technically is because I think they invented ATMs in the US) and was then cut by two more who went and leaned against the ATM they were waiting for. At that point I had had enough and decided to pay the extra 70 pesos and use the empty ATM at the BHD banco across the street, I got my 1000 pesos out and went to the tailor to pick up my pants (which I am having changed from size 36x32s to 32x30s, not because I have lost weight, but because I am adjusting my baggy pants to Dominican culture. Tighter = Más sexy.) It turned out because we hadn't had electricity since 8 in the morning this morning, that my pants where not done. So I am still wearing the gray ones that have an avocado stain on them from a week ago.
I realized today is Halloween, and they call it Halloween here. Nobody dresses up, so it really is just like any other night, except every in the neighborhood goes out drinking... so I guess it really is just like any other night.

I voted the other day, I went to the capital to do it. It cost me around thirty five bucks to get down there and do it. I guess Democracy is that important to me, and besides Joe Biden sent me an email the other day that said the election is in MY hands. I mean, the email was addressed to "Cassandra Ward" but I think I got the idea. Also, I can't lie, I just wanted to go down to the capital and pick up the odor eaters and foot powder my mom sent me (thanks mom!). When I was there, a few of us went to the swearing in ceremony for the 52 new Peace Corps volunteers for the country. It was very exciting for them, but as we stood around eating the free food and schmoozing with the ambassador about his sweet pool, a friend and I agreed that we had a very "Mathew McConaughey in the movie Dazed and Confused" feeling as we hung around the new kids. It was a bittersweet feeling, I am no longer the new kid in the country but at the same time, now people are expecting me to pull my head out of my ass and get to work.

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Katie Reed said...

Hey! We stayed home and drank on Halloween!!! Only Caleb next door trick or treated, but we were ready! I'll send you guys the left overs!

Sometimes it's better not to be the new kids, but the older and wiser kids. Less hiking when one gets off the bus at the wrong town.