Thursday, September 25, 2008

The fever

I recend my comments made about Joel´s fever and about him being a big baby. It turns out he really did have a pretty bad fever, and how do I know? Because I now have it and it sucks big time. I have been hurting all over for the past two days and because my sheets are being washed at a doñas house across the bario, I have been sleeping in the -20 degree sleeping bag on a bed without sheets.
On the positive side, I have been able to use the fever to my advantage. People where being nice to me because I just got back from the states, and now people are being nice to me because I am sick. As long as I can keep finding reasons for people to be nice to me I will be set for the next two years.

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andrew said...

Hi there...

My organization is interested in offering a high school service-learning trip to the Dominican Rep.

We are looking for Peace Corps volunteers who might be able to help us identify a group volunteer project.

And, if the PCV is about to finish their service, then also discuss the possibility of hiring them to lead the trips in June and August of 2009.

Our organization is Global Leadership Adventures ( and I can be reached by email at

Could you help us find a volunteer project for our group and possibly recommend some interesting speakers to help educate our students about Dominican reality?


RPCV Honduras ‘96-‘98