Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in the DR (por fin)

Hey all! I made it back in one piece, the evening spent in the Orlando airport was way better this time, with my sleeping bag and a bench to sleep on it was much more managable. I would like to thank everyone that told me they were reading my blog, when I was home at least 7 or 8 of you told me that you were reading it... which means that there are at least 7 or 8 times as many people reading it as I initially thought. Like I said back home, I am going to try really hard to get this thing updated frequently!

I noticed that it didnt take long to get my Americanisms back when I visited. I find myself doing the things I remember doing when I first got to the country. My first example is that I have been actually waiting in lines, and I get mad when people cut in front of me. This is not very Dominican, they call Dominican society a ´polychronic´ society, which means people don´t like to wait behind other people... its pretty annoying and I almost scolded an old woman who cut in front of me at the Miami airport (she was in boarding group 4 and I was in 3). To be fair, though she was dominican, we were still in the states at that point. And, once we got to Santo Domingo and she cut in front of me in the customs line I didn´t mind at all. Another thing I noticed is that I feel like I need to move faster, there were so many questions back home about what I was doing and what I was accomplishing. The people here dont mind if I take my time. I also keep washing my hands and trying to flush toilet paper, not a very dominican thing to do.

Needless to say, I am very excited to be back. I am finding that this is what I want to be doing and I am happy to be doing it, or it could just be the whole carriebean island thing... or the eating avocados every meal... or the fact that the guy in the bank salutes me. The cold showers are taking some getting used to again, and the fighting pack of dogs outside my window everynight is getting old. It has also been raining everyday, and that is more like Oregon than Oregon right now.

The mayor finally signed my check for 36 dollars, its like I won the lottery.

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Heather W. said...

I know just what you mean about waiting in line. We headed down to Bangkok's Chinatown today. As we were waiting in the press of people in the major market lane, I was getting claustrophobic and irritated with the people pushing their way past us. Then I reminded myself 1.) Take a deep breath because you will eventually get through and 2.) Try to follow the local rules.

I attained a calmer state and it felt liberating to push past the little old lady who was trying to shove her way past me. Ahhh.