Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Me and the Blog

Using your blog is a lot like showering, after you go a few days without it you can't get in the habit of doing it again (Don't judge I live in the mountains and shower with very cold water).
As for the life in Constanza, things are starting to get going more or less. The school year starts on monday and this means I will be taking a slightly more active roll in my project. Next week I will begin training some Dominican youth about the environment and in a few more weeks we will start giving lectures in the classes around town. Last week I had my 3 month IST, which means all sorts of important things. First, it means I have been in my sight for 3 months (sixth months in country)! Second, it means I am expected to start getting down to business (the days of the community diagnostic are over). Third, I am allowed to start behaving like an actual volunteer (I can leave my sight when I want/need and I can participate in committees, woohoo!). It also meant I got to spend 7 solid days with my friends who I have barely seen over the last few months. We went rafting down a river in Jarabacoa, which is relatively high up in the mountains compared to the rest of the carribean (but it's at about half my altitude in constanza). It was a lot of fun, but a lot less organized than I remember from my rafting trips on the Deschutes. We hit a lot more rocks and that hurt, but I like to think it made the trip a little more hardcore.
Needless to say, IST was good, and I will start updating my blog and bathing again (the plumber and I finally fixed my shower with a plunger and my Leatherman)

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