Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The waste water and the Regional Conference

Alright, so that would be a huge project but I will see what I can do! I am going to start looking to the environmental board in town to see where I can start. Sounds like we will have to send Grandpa Bill down here when he gets better, and Bryant too because someone should hug those trees.
As for the immediate future of the my project, there is a regional conference for youth and my project partner (Cristian) has been selected to be the youth MC! This is all very exciting, the problem is that it takes money to have a regional conference and impoverished Dominican Youth don´t have any! This is where you, my American friends and family come in, each volunteer of the 27 that are attending (with their Dominican youth) is going to try to raise 100 dollars a piece. Here is the link,


and remember its tax deductable! And you don´t have to feel guilty if we end up with more money than 100 dollars because that will just make me look like an All'star (and make the conference better of course).

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Katie said...

I am drumming up contributions as we speak