Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This weekend I felt like a winner

I think I felt like a winner because I won things. This weekend, there were two escojo groups visiting, one from Los Guineos (the bannanas), one from Los Platanitos (the Plantains), this country is all about naming towns after fruits, vegetables or in my barrio´s case flowers.
They had a game where they gave out awards for who was the most crazy, pretty, intelligent, strong, etc. I won the award for most ´sexi´, I will admit I had the advantage of being the only gringo, but I like to think that my most ´sexi´ness transcends racial barriers.
On saturday I went to a raffle put on by a volunteer in the next town over, she is a technology volunteer who is raising money to put a computer and internet center in the town high school. I bought one ticket and got another one for free because the catholic priest bought one and didn´t want it. It turned out that both my tickets won something, I was very lucky. The first prize I won was a very shinny hair scrunchy, but because of my short hair and distaste for jewelry they gave me a free haircut at a barburshop in Constanza instead (which is awesome). My second ticket won me a cell phone belt clip, which turned out to be way to big for my cell phone. . . but I could still wear it around to look official if I wanted too.
Sunday, I didn´t win any awards, but my project partner was selected to be the master of ceremonies in a regional youth conference (we had a planning meeting on Sunday), which makes me kind of important by association. It was my first official peace corps meeting with other volunteers, it was pretty exciting.
After that I went up to La Cumbre (which was the training site this spring) and spent a little time with my old host family (the Rafeals). It was nice to go back to the town where everybody knew who I was, and to drink a little rum at the Plaza without worrying about ´losing face´in the community. (Speaking of which I learned what mamajuana is... which is not what you think... its really rum that has pieces of wood and roots and stuff soaking in it. Pretty wierd stuff, but it tastes good and the Dominicanos love it!)

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