Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks community

I started my interviews yesterdy with the comminity of Las Flores, they said the most important environmental issues for the area are to plant trees, pick up the garbage and reroute their black water so it isn´t going directly into the river. I´m all about planting trees, and I think I can get the Ecoclub and Brigada Verde to help with some trash clean up and with giving talks about proper waste disposal to the schools and the community. As for rerouting the PVC piping and concrete ditches that run under (and sometimes through) the streets to get the black water to go into a septic tank instead of the water... I´ll have to look into that one.


Katie said...

Now it sounds like things are picking up and taking direction. Michelle can tell you how to make worm boxes for composting... You should enlist Grandpa Bill and our engineering team to help design a waste water system... Or even the Harvard engineers! You better get Bryant over there ASAP to help with the tree plant!!

Heather W. said...

This sounds like some stuff you can sink your teeth into. What exciting work! And handy that you know so many engineers!

Bryan with a T said...

I would love to get down there and help with a little tree planting followed by some tree hugging!! I just realized there was a comment section, how interactive. Im sure the impact you will have by redirecting the waste water from the stream will be huge and sounds like the stuff i want to be doing (where is the waste going to go though?). I am very jealous of you chrisward