Monday, June 9, 2008

A quick update

I went to Jarabacoa this weekend and it was great, the scenery around there was beautiful. Lots of waterfalls and views from the mountains. It was only a two hour guagua ride and on the way back the driver let me play my CD in the CD player! I mean, it was bachata music after all. . . the stuff is slowly working its way into my system We went to a waterfall, that the Lonely Planet tour book claimed was used in the opening scene to Jurassic park, it was pretty enough but I think that movie was really filmed in Hawaii. I put the pictures up, check it out and see for yourself. And for the record, the fact that it was or was not in Jurassic park does not change the fact that it was beautiful and secluded. The only problem was that a snake fell down the waterfall at one point and was swimming around in the pool at the bottom, creepy. The donas baking business is back in action and it's my job to try out the new creations, actually, it's anybody who walks through the house's job. There has been some good concoctions and things are cheering up around the house. I am starting the Brigada Verde group this week and did some tutoring in physics and chemistry. It felt good to do a little deriving, even if it was just the formula for Kinetic Energy. The escojo group is getting ramped up for the summer too, we went to the scientific reserve on friday (which turned out to be a natural water park) and are planning to go to Bonao for the weekend. It should be fun and with my spanish improving I can actually catch the kids when they are making fun of me.

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