Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sadly, my jump drive is not sweatproof

ok, so it has been a while since I have put anything up. This is mostly because I think I broke my jump drive and now I can't type anything at home and bring it to the internet (which means I have to quickly type in an internet cafe exposing my naturally bad grammar and spelling). I will work on getting things going again and rumor has it a jump drive is in the mail (thanks mom). As for settling in, things are going well, I live in a Bakery with five cats, a chihuahua, 25 parakeets and one parrot (it can't talk though). There's also an old lady and a little kid, I don't think they like me as much as their other pets. Not to mention that they had a peace corps volunteer there two years ago (which is how I found the house in the first place) and so everything I do is constantly compared to "Scott" the super volunteer. Such comparisons include but are not limited to: "Scott could haggle the street merchants to half the price you paid", "Scott didn't know any spanish when he came and but learned it in a week" and "Scott never got diarrhea for a week straight after drinking our water." After buying a 5 gallon bottle of purified water I was forced to tell the old lady that I am not Scott and that having regular bowel movements where more important to me than proving myself to her. . . I like to think we have come to an understanding.
As for how I have been passing my time, there has been multiple soccer games played. We started a team from the guys in Ecolclub and I have thoroughly embarrassed myself each time. Every time I play, its like I am in one of those Nike commercials where the kids from around the world are playing soccer way better than they should be, the difference is that they are all wearing Nike knock-off gear called "Jordan" brand (which is very convincing) and that it lasts longer than the thirty seconds (which kind of sucks). I pulled my groin playing two weeks ago, and that sucks for two reasons . . . one, I felt like an old person and two, it still hurts. However, I did figure out that its better to play forward (instead of Defense like I used to) because when you mess up on defense its a goal and everyone is pissed but when you mess up on offense it was a "good try." I'm all about "good tries" these days, especially on the dance floor. We also played some basketball the other day, and believe it or not I was at about their level. The only problem is that when you are playing half court you don't have to take it back behind the three point line after a defensive rebound, which is just plain silly.


Jeremy said...

You should stick to the baloncesto and I'll challenge you to a game when you get back haha

Christopher Ward said...

Word, but you can't take three pointers down here because they will shoot right after they get your rebound, I guess it would work if you never missed . . . but the cward special doesn't really account for that.

Katie said...

When we come for our visit you and Uncle Byron will have to show them a thing or two on the court!!! Next package I should send your old shin guards and shoes!

Sherry & Byron said...

Hi Chris
Byron and I just wanted to say hi its so nice to read your blog.. Sorry about you getting hurt..what do you mean gettin old???? (young buck) We heading up to Richland for a wedding this weekend the weather is a lot nicer up in Tri cities..
sending you our love
Aunt Sherry..xxxooo