Monday, May 12, 2008

Escojo Graduation

There are two types of youth groups that the Peace Corps does in the DR. The first being Brigada Verde, which deals with the environment. The other is a group called Escojo, which translates to ¨I choose¨ and is based on drugs, alcohol and sexual health. There is already an escojo group in town that was started by an Health Volunteer two years ago. The group is going strong and last night they had there graduation ceremony. This was good to see because I saw the tremendous possibility for progress in this community... however, because I am a volunteer they decided last minute that I should say a thing or two at the ceremony. I tried to tell the audience of about 50 people that I thought it was great that 16 people were graduating from the escojo group and that now they have the opportunity to change others lives as well as there own when it came to their health and what they want to do with themselves. As it goes, I ended up telling the boys they looked pretty and the girls how handsome they were in their suits and dresses, and then apoligizing because I was still polishing up my spanish. I missed my cue to get up and speak and I think I got a few pitty laughs... or maybe they were laughing at me... its so hard to tell these days. Needless to say, the ceremony was very encouraging and I if I had a dollar for every time I had to get up in front of an audience of 20+ people and make an ass out of myself in the DR I would have at least 6 bucks by now.

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