Friday, May 2, 2008

A couple quick updates

It turns out that the reason I was smelling onions all the time is that my family owns an onion farm. Well, actually its a farm, and I happened to arrive during the week that the onion harvest is going down. Luckily after the onions are out they are putting in cabbage, which i don't think has any smell.
It also turns out that the big storm that hit the other day when I was at the river was actually a tornado. People where telling me that it was one of the first tornados to hit the DR, ever. I think that is a little strange because if I remember right we got our first tornado west of the cascades this winter when there was a little twister that touched down in Vancouver. I hope we are not beginning to see a increasing trend with the natural disasters, because of hurricane Olga last year the prices of bannanas and plaintians trippled in the DR, which is kind of a big deal because those are the staples of the Dominican diet, and they taste good too. After this tornado last week I wonder what the prices are gonna look like, I hope they don't go up too much because I am not looking forward to living off onions.
I made up a word in spanish yesterday, the word is enojambre and it is a combination of the words enojado (angry) and hambre (hunger). It is kind of like the english word Hangry, which means you are so hungry that you are angry. The big difference is that I am not enojambre for food in general just for certain foods. For example, right now I could use an Egg Mcmuffin, a big mac or anything that has 'Mc' in the name. Sadly, the price of cheap fast food in the DR is the same as the price in the US which means its not really that cheap. I had taco bell the other day and it costs 60 pesos for a soft taco, that equates to two bucks american. Luckily both hot sauce and fire sauce are still 0 pesos, which equates to free in any currency.


Katie said...

HEHEHEHE! Onions! That's way too funny. I looked up your location on Google Earth and it shows up perfectly. Looks like a big town. And the pictures!!! Good Grief... You're eating fish!!! A fish!

It sounds like great fun teaching at the school. Are any of the others near so you can have some help? Or just someone to talk to?

Love you! Mom

Heather W. said...

Umm, that cabbage might not smell too good once a little of it rots in the field. But hey, you're learning all sorts of new smells and tastes.