Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A week or two in the Campo

There were a few major events this week in La Cumbre.
First, Tim and I got our hair cut by my brother in his new barber shop, that makes us the first volunteers in our group to get our hair cut in country . . . which wouldn’t be a big deal except Nurse Jo (our PC medical officer who has a habit of scaring us about the worst case scenario) gave us a lecture about the dangers of razors and blood born illness and how that can affect our trips to the barber. Luckily, there was no Hepatitis B to be found in Juan Carlos’s barbur shop.
Second, we built our first stoves. There are two objectives for our group and our projects. The first objective is to encourage environmentally conscientious behavior and to introduce environmentally friendly techniques and technology; the second is to assist our project site in increasing revenue through sustainable means. The stove is a project that ends up under both objectives because it uses only 30% as much wood to cook compared to the traditional “fagon” (which is a traditional stove that creates a ton of smoke and takes a lot of wood to get hot enough to cook anything). A few of us built one in a house down the highway a few km and another group built one a couple towns down. It was a lot of fun and the family was really happy to be getting a free stove out of it. I’ll put pictures up as soon as I can!
Third, the water finally got to me! At least something made me have to throw up a lot and go to the bathroom a lot. As of a week ago I was the last man standing when it came to the stomach bug, I thought maybe my years of eating garbage in college gave me some kind of edge . . . I guess not. Thankfully, life in the wet weather of the Willamette valley did give me an edge against “the gripae” (El gripe, is what the Dominicans call the common cold). This past week because of the cold and rainy weather most of the gringos in La Cumbre caught a cold, in reality I think it was because everyone wanted to show how tough they were and how they liked the weather to be cold just like back in the states. For the record, I do not want the weather to be cold like back in the states.
Finally, Joel and I finally got a “zapatera” in Dominoes. That’s when you make it to 200 points and win without the other team scoring. As of late, the Dominoes games have had a D.R. vs. U.S. format. It usually ends up with a DR victory, but not on Thursday. It was a big day, we finally learned a couple of the tricks. Also, on the subject of Dominoes; Tim and Jenna were zapateraded by my 10 year old sister and the 12 year old neighbor girl. I took a picture, Tim and Jenna aren’t allowed to play at the grown up table anymore.


Katie said...

I will send more emergenC. This you can share with friends! You need to send a picture of the stove. How do the projects get paid for? Can't wait to see the hair cut!!!

Love you! Mom

Bri said...

Oh my gosh, you must include photos of the hair cut!

And I would attribute your "iron stomach" to all the late night taco bell trips. Surviving those will prepare you for anything.

ps - leaving a comment seems to be incredibly difficult...