Sunday, March 2, 2008

Santo Domingo

I made it to the DR and now I live in Santo Domingo for the next three months with my new family. I live in a Barrio named Los Angeles, which is much different than the city of los angeles in the states. The house and the city are nothing like I expected, but I kind of expected that. My spanish is still way under par for getting around and dealing with everyday stuff, so right now I stay at home and hang out with my new little brothers and sisters. I taught them how to play Crazy Eights (ochos locos) and we´ve played it a lot so far. I have found that the kids are the best for teaching you spanish because they speak on my level and are more patient with me because they are interested in what I am doing. The doña of my house is very kind and makes sure I am safe and never hungry. There are other trainees (aspirantes) for the peace corp in my neighborhood and we have been walking around the barrio and getting to know the streets a little bit. There are lots of chickens and roosters, so I wake up at dawn every day.

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