Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mi cumpliaños. Woohoo

Over the last week there has been more fun things than I can count. We had some serious pool playing on friday, and we ended up being the gringo rockstars of the barrio. I bought my first pint of rum for 55 peso, about 1.30 american. Saturday was the tour of colonial santo domingo which had the americas first hospital, school, cathedral and insane assylum. It was very exciting and the cathedral broke the record for the oldest building I have ever been in, which was 1530´s... I know, I have never been to europe. Saturday was also the Botanical gardin which is the fourth biggest in the world, it was pretty beautiful and probably the quietest place on the island of hispanola. Sunday we went to the beach called boca chica, google it, you will see how pretty it is. Of course, I took pictures of everything but this dasterdly slow internet will not allow me to upload them. I will find a fast connection, i know its in this city somewhere. Also, domincans don´t believe in USB 2.0 ports... I guess we aren´t quite there yet. Last night there was a serious photo session with the family and all nine members were involved, again, sadly there is not internet for th upload. Today, I got my birthday sang to me in english and in spanish when I got home! The rest of the trainees went with me to a clomado for some beers, cocanuts, fried plantains and some dominoes. It was pretty fun and I would have to say that the only thing missing was portland, family and friends.... except for Blake. Ok, him too


Heather W. said...

Hmmm, this Peace Corps thing doesn't sound too bad. Rum, dominoes, singing.... ;)

Yum, plantains! Please give us more details about the food. I've got my priorities!

Perhaps you can find an academic or embassy friend who has a fast connection for the uploading of photos? Can't wait to see them.

Happy Birthday!


Heather W. said...

Oops, on the first read through, I figured rockstars=singing. Little too much exposure to karaoke in Asia, I guess.