Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting in the swing of things

I wish I could say it is the subtle differences that are catching my attention as I get aquainted with the Dominican lifestyle, but the truth is that I am noticing the garmoundously huge differences! The biggest of these differences thus far has been how you get around, the public transit system can barely be described but I can still give it a shot. You get it carro publicos that cost about 50 cents to get a third of the way across town until you get to a bus called a guagua which will take you the second third and then a carro publico for the last third again. The cars are all toyotas from the eighties and we fit seven to a car. The guaguas are busses that sorta of have routes but you can get on or stop wherever and whenever you want. It seemed like chaos at first but really it is just a system that is very very different than good old trimet and the max. Despite the language barrier, which I am slowly working at breaking down, the poeple are very helpful and get a good laugh when I hit the window and yell dejame! which means, let me off!, the hitting the window is pretty much just for effect. The scenery is beautiful and as soon as I get brave enough to take out my camera I will start taking some pictures to spruce up this blog a little bit. I want to get some pictures of my barrio which is sweet! We don´t need to watch TV because we can sit on the balcony and watch everyone in the street, its more entertainment than you could ask for. Except, I suppose some english subtitles would be helpful... and maybe a beer to drink too. Yesterday, the five of us from peace corp in the barrio got our first El Presidentes which is the national beer of the DR. It was cold and refreshing but we became quite the spectacle as people started to wonder why there were so many white people in one spot... or why there were even white people in the first place. Well, my 25 well spent pesos, about 75 cents, was well spent on this internet access. I apoligize to anyone and everyone for the bad grammar and punctuation. But I am still learning the ins and outs of a spanish keyboard. Instead of colon and semicolon I have ñ and Ñ! Woohoo


Heather W. said...

Hey Chris - I'm enjoying my vicarious trip to the DR via your blog. The family is also impressed already.

You should be able to change the keyboard temporarily to English. In the bottom right hand corner if you see 'sp' you can change it to 'en' and type away. I had to learn this in France where the keyboards are also slightly different.

Can't wait to see some photos!


Bri said...

First, I love that you have a blog for all of us to read.
Second, it sounds like you are on one serious vacation. I have to say, I'm kind of jealous.

I can't wait to see pictures!