Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The food and the Robot

The other day I mentioned that the DR had not encountered the Robot, it turns out that is far from the truth. Across the street there are five boys who climb the tree for guavas and sing and dance for the girls in my house. One of them could definately do the robot, it was pretty good... but not Chris Ward Robot good. Yesterday for my birthday they made me my staple american dish, which was pasta and parmesian. I brought down some pasta, olive oil and parmessian from a whole foods in DC. The family thinks I am crazy because it is so tasteless! Everyone here is all about more flavor, that means lots of salt and sugar on anything and everything. I get a lot of fried plantains and boiled yucca, the fruit here is pretty good but I never know what it is. I can barely name tropical fruits in english, and so when I get them in spanish I have no idea. They are mostly pink and yellow melon looking stuff. I suppose a good way to compare the food here is to try eating regular skittles, and then eat some tropical flavored skittles. Its pretty much like that. Also, I found that I can access internet at the Training facility! So that means i uploaded some pics: the link is the corner.

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